Not Yet “Afters”

Today we are celebrating our one year house-iversary!
Seasons of House

One year ago today we woke up early, signed closing paperwork, moved two U-hauls worth of furniture, cleaned the condo we had been renting, made a quick Home Depot trip, and started unpacking. My favorite memory of the day was in the evening when my parents brought over Thai food from our favorite local restaurant and we ate at the dining room table surrounded by boxes. It was dusk, so every neighbor who walked by had a clear view into our living and dining room through the big bay window. We waved at everyone who stopped to stare.
Clear View

We thought our one-year anniversary was the perfect time to show you around upstairs. Both where we started and where we are now. Big thanks to Christine Rich ( who gave us permission to use her pictures so you can see some “Befores” of our home. Most of the rooms in our house have come a long way since we moved in but we aren’t ready to call any of our rooms done. Trust me, there is a lot we are simply tolerating at the moment, but I’ll share all the rooms with you anyway:

Exterior Before

Living Room:
Living Room Before

Dining Room:
Dining Room Before

Kitchen Before

Bathroom Before
Curtains x2

Office2 Before

Guest Room:
Guest Room Before

Master Bedroom:
Our Room Before

We still have a loooooong way to go but we are excited with how far we have come in our first year as homeowners. We can’t wait to spill the beans on our basement renovation. I wonder what changes this year will bring.

**We now have a “Home” tab up above so check back to see our progress.


2 responses to “Not Yet “Afters””

  1. Anne says :

    Claire, What a lovely home! I love the way you opened up the kitchen window, and I’m a big fan of retro bathroom tile (seriously!-you can have fun with that room). Thanks for sharing!

  2. christine rich says :

    Hi Claire, sorry it’s taken me so long to catch up with you, but Happy Home Anniversary. The home looks fabulous — especially the new roof 🙂 . And the red door is just perfect. Congratulations on a fantastic renovation – so glad you’re having fun with it!

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