Richmond Homearama 2014

Friends since 6th grade
This past weekend my friend Rosemary and I drove down to see the Richmond Homearama 2014 ( Actually, Rosemary drove. I attempted to navigate until Rosemary realized I had us 30 minutes off course and had to take over both responsibilities. Sorry!

For Homearama seven builders and designers team up to showcase their talents. My interest was piqued when Young House Love announced they were one of the design teams this year (

As we made our way through the seven houses, I stopped to snap our favorite features. I loved this custom wainscoting in the YHL Dining Room. It adds interest to the walls and balances out the charcoal color on the upper half of the walls.
Super Cool Dining

I have always had a thing for built-in banquettes. Unfortunately, John does not share this passion. I have a pipe dream that we might add one in the basement someday. Just what every basement needs. Regardless, YHL had an awesome one in its eat-in kitchen complete with beautifully styled built-in bookshelves. I especially loved the guava accents. Guava has become a buzzword in our family (if only between my mom and me) ever since we decided on our wedding color scheme (spoiler alert to those attending the wedding: guava is the dark peach color):
mmm, pretty

My favorite room in the YHL house was the master bath. If only we could squeeze all of this into our 4.5x7ft bath!
welp, we also have blue tile

One house had a secret garden complete with potting bench. Now that is some inspiration we could bring home!
if only I had green thumbs

Rosemary and I both loved this TV concealed by a large rustic frame suspended by curtain brackets. John pointed out that in reality, the TV would also have exposed wires and cords. I think there must be a workaround and he is just the engineer for the job 😀
you can do it honey

A detail I loved in a hallway office was a suspended rack full of office supplies and craft essentials in mason jars.
we need kids before we need crayons

My favorite room of the day didn’t fully come across on film as inviting and lovely as I found it to be in person. It was a man cave/media room complete with a bar in the opposite corner. The room got enough light to handle the black wainscoting and built-ins.
Should the man cave have pink curtains?

One aspect of all the homes I found myself drawn to over and over was the tiled floors and walls. I love all the fun colors and patterns available:
tile dove tile dove tile dove dove

We had a great time on our road trip and homeshow adventure aside from the detour to an adjacent Richmond suburb. Next year we plan to stay local and go to the Tuckahoe Home and Garden Tour ( I’m guessing I won’t be navigating that day either…..


3 responses to “Richmond Homearama 2014”

  1. Cousin Kristin says :

    There is totally a work around for wires! Though John and I hired a handyman friend as it does involve snaking wires through walls and such… But our is happily wire-free! Wish I could go with you to this!

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