Tiny Room Problems

The first room in the house that called out for attention was actually our smallest: the upstairs bathroom which measures in at just 4.5x7ft.

We decided that after many years of rental bathrooms and tension rod shower curtains we were going to take advantage of owning a home and install what seemed to be the first non-tension rod shower curtain in our house’s 57 years. We went to Home Depot the same day we closed on the house and purchased a curved curtain rod in chrome to match the hardware already in the bathroom.
Similar to this one: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Glacier-Bay-6-ft-Curved-Shower-Rod-in-Chrome-35603SSHD/203601467?N=5yc1vZbz9l

Installation was pretty straightforward until our drill hit what we believe to be cinder block. Our plaster and cinder block surrounded bathroom wasn’t going to blockade us from the mounted shower curtain of our dreams… we dream big apparently. We put several holes in the wall before finding a spot we could get our screws in deep enough to support the curtain, which resulted in a wall mount curtain slightly higher and farther out from the tub but you should see the amazing elbow room inside!

After a few days in the space we ran across several more problems:
•Humidity problems –> Peeling paint revealed that we needed a new (i.e. working) vent and paint that could withstand humidity
•Water issues –> soft/rotting window frame
•Privacy issues –> the opaque window had us trustingly showering for the first week before we realized we were giving the neighborhood a bit of a show (much like the Cell Block Tango dance number from moulin rouge):

All three issues had to be addressed immediately…especially the Moulin Rouge issue. Our temporary solution was to duck tape a trash bag over the window and frame to protect the frame from water and blackout innocent passers by.

Trash Bag Solutions

We had a professional come out to inspect the window and it turned out the actual rotted part of the frame had previously been torn out and caulked. The old caulk was what was mushy feeling in the frame. We showered downstairs for a few days to allow the frame to fully dry out before ripping out all the old caulk and re-caulking. Once dry we painted the caulk white to match the window trim. We re-caulked around all the bathtub hardware while we were at it. After allowing to dry once more we protected our assets (double meaning if you refer back to problem number 3) by adding a shower curtain in the window. A quick trip to target resulted in the materials needed:

Operation Window Rescue

We gave up on the no tension rod in the bathroom dream and simply suspended our cut-to-size shower curtain on a tiny window tension rod. The curtain keeps water away from the window frame and blocks all shower street views.

Curtains x2

We concluded that the bathroom paint was peeling because the previous owner had painted with a matte finish so after we had a new vent installed to prevent future humidity problems we painted the room with a mildew primer and white eggshell finish paint. Gus and Al were both quite intrigued by the bathroom antics and joined in whenever they could:

Why Gus? Why?

Al getting in the mix

It has been about 8 months since we repainted and we haven’t had one bit of paint peeling since. The only part of the room that we didn’t paint was the ceiling were we have since noticed periodic mildew so we plan to go back through with another sweep of mildew primer + eggshell paint.

Whoever thought having a window inside the shower was a good idea anyway?


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  1. Carol says :

    Love the kitty workers!

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