Legs for Days

Last weekend my extremely kind, generous, and beautiful maid of honor and her equally generous and beautiful mother threw me a bridal shower.


I was overwhelmed by generosity in the form of dozens of friends and family coming to celebrate with me! And in the form of gifts! So many gifts, in fact, that once we got them home (and by we I mean my sister-in-law single handedly got all the gifts home before I even knew what had happened- thank you Shannon!!) we realized we didn’t have a place to put all our beautiful things!!


We have been discussing getting a buffet for the dining room for a while now but our sudden influx of bounty has put us on the hunt. We haven’t yet decided if we are going to go with a Craigslist/thrift store find or or buy new so we are entertaining all options:

Buffet Moodboard
(click on image to enlarge)

1. This beauty comes from West Elm. It is 1950s style which makes sense for our 1950s house. I love the leggy look. The buffet has tons of room for storage but doesn’t look too bulky because of it’s thin legged perch. At $899 + delivery + shipping it serves as more of an inspirational jumping off point than a serious contender.

2. We spotted another leggy posibility on craigslist for only $50. It is a bit more traditional/fancy than our usual aesthetic but the main strike it has against it is it’s size. Although the width and depth are the same as our west elm gold standard above the extra leg length takes away from the functional storage.

3. Craigslist also turned up this sturdy looking buffet for $500. We aren’t in need of wine storage (we have something in the works but I need to get my sander and stain back out before I can share) so unless we could retrofit shelves the sides wouldn’t be very useful to us.

4. This antique beauty is $300 but would require a quick decision (must sell by today). It would also require quite a bit of TLC. Have you started to notice a leggy theme.

5. Another mid-century modern option that was actually built midcentury. It has a cool retro vibe but the off track drawers might drive us crazy.

6. This tiny buffet is so adorable. I don’t dig the current fuchsia paint color but it has great lines. I would love to paint it a crisp white or even a deep ebony. It might be worth the $100 asking price but sadly it is 21 inches shorter than our “gold standard.”

7. Craigslist also revealed this buffet with matching hutch for $350. We think it is the closest match to our West Elm inspiration. It may warrant a field trip.

Do you have a favorite? Let us know what you think!


7 responses to “Legs for Days”

  1. Jessica says :

    I haven’t seen your house yet (!!!!!) so I’m not sure what the rest of the vibe is, but I googled West Elm mid-century which led me to the conclusion that #5 with a rich, creamy off-white or ivory paint could be reaaaally pretty and very close to your gold standard!

    • cab2va says :

      We haven’t fully embraced mid-century décor. In fact, we recently took down our most mid-century feature (will post pics soon) but West Elm is our favorite store these days. Modern take on mid-century modern?

  2. Carol says :

    I like number 7. Plenty of space for plenty more wedding presents!

  3. Carol says :

    Also: remember. You can negotiate with craigs list.

  4. DonnaMaria says :

    I like # 7 the best…..modern, crisp and clean lines and I think will have the most room for storage!

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