(Very) Long Term Goals

Opening up the Kitchen:
We talk dreamily about someday knocking down the wall between our kitchen and dining room. We know the wall is weight bearing so we will need a structural engineer to put a beam in place. Pulling down the wall will allow us to put in a small peninsula between the two rooms as well as double our current counter space. While we are tearing things down we plan to add recessed lighting to replace our florescent lights and hardwood floors!

Current Kitchen and Dining Rooms:
That's my kitchen

Dream Kitchen Rendering:
Dream Kitchen!!

Master Bedroom:
Many of our neighbors have matching floor plans so when one of our neighbors explained how she and her husband put in a walk in closet we were thrilled! Very few original floor plans in our area allow for a walk-in no matter how small. Our trail-blazing neighbors simply knocked down the walls between two bedroom closets and a hall closet to make one jumbo closet! We would like to copy them and rough in a closet in the second bedroom from which a closet is being stolen. While we are at it we plan to replace our old off track metal closet doors. Converting the largest bedroom into a master bedroom will also require walling up a doorway that opens up to the dining room!

Current Dining Room, Office, and Second Bedroom Room:
Future Master

Rendering of Future Master with Walk-in Closet:


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