Pucker Up

We decided early on that we wanted a bright red door with black shutters. Once the freshly painted shutters were up I anxiously waited for the weather to cool off enough that we could leave the front door open for a full day. We had grabbed red swatches for the door the same day we got them for our shutters:

We narrowed our selection down quickly but continued quizzing house guests on their way through the door for several weeks while the summer cooled off. We picked “Candy Apple,” far left row, second from the bottom.

The night before painting I scrubbed the door with liquid deglosser and ran painters tape around the tiny windows. The next day we woke up early, took off the door hardware, and started the first layer, which was grey primer. I couldn’t help but wonder if the neighbors walking by thought we had just picked a very dull front door color:


Once the primer was dry the first coat of paint went up:

Followed by a second:

We let the door dry before putting the hardware back on. The paint has held up fairly well over the past few months. To be honest it could use a touch-up where the paint cracked around the mail slot and white paint from the doorframe got stuck to the door. We would like to change out the hardware and get a new storm door but for now we are happy with the quick fix that cost us only a quart of paint and part of a Saturday. Now in addition to new mascara our house has fresh lipstick:
Before/After Red Door


2 responses to “Pucker Up”

  1. Cousin Kristin says :

    Perfect color choice! Storm doors and security doors are super expensive, I’ve found… But so is painting these types of doors. Sigh…

    • cab2va says :

      Thanks Kristin! We have stock piled some Home Depot gift cards that we are planning to apply to a storm door soon. We are still deciding if we are brave enough to attempt to install ourselves.

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