New Mascara

We were so motivated by the transformative effect of our new roof that we decided to keep our focus on curb appeal. My mom once noted to me that a house without shutters is like a face without eyebrows. And if the front of a house is its face than ours was in need of a makeover:

From far away the shutters look dark but in person they were very clearly green, which wasn’t our favorite. We grabbed a handful of grey through black swatches at home depot and taped them up to the shutters for a few days weeks. They were up long enough that Gus started weighing in on the decision.

We were worried that if we went too dark it might look overpowering so we went with “Evening Hush,” second from the top on the left side of the shutter. The first step was to remove the shutters. They are hollow and vinyl but in pretty good shape so we decided to paint right over them. We labeled each shutter on the inside with permanent marker as they came down (left bay, right bay, etc). We were able to get them off without any trouble using just an electric screwdriver and a ladder. What we weren’t expecting was what the hollow vinyl was covering up:

Each window uncovered an impressive array of wasp and bee hives, which were fortunately long vacant. We were able to knock them down with the hose and move on to cleaning the shutters. Here is our sad little eyelash-less house:

I scrubbed all the shutters with soap and water before moving on to painting. We decided to go with a paint and primer in one exterior paint to save time and effort:

After my first coat dried on shutter number one it was quite apparent that we had gone too light. We hemmed and hawed for a bit but ultimately decided to spring for a second quart of paint in “Black Suede,” the top right swatch. Ultimately we were much happier with the darker color. Here is a head to head comparison with Evening Hush on the left and Black Suede on the right:

After two coats of paint the shutters were able to go back up. We were only eyelash-less for a week and the end result was like new mascara:


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